Why use a consultant?

Choosing a residential school for your child can be an overwhelming endeavor, not to mention an expensive one. If you have been on the internet, you know there are hundreds of therapeutic programs, but how do you know which setting is a good environment for your child? There are many factors to consider such as the culture of the peers, the type of student they work well with, the training of the staff, the philosophy of how they work with young people, the financial stability of the program, and the experience and expertise of the therapists.

It is my job as a consultant to research, evaluate, assess and visit schools/programs to accurately identify their strengths and weaknesses. I travel year round and have visited hundreds of programs. My job is to find the setting that offers the highest chance of success for your child. Because I accept no compensation from schools or programs, I will be forthright in sharing my professional opinion with you regarding the environment best suited for your child. I know the people, the culture of the school, the therapists, and in many cases, have worked directly with that school. I recommend the best match for you and your child based on your family. A school that worked well for one family may not at all be the best for yours.

Additionally, because I follow you through the process, I keep a professional eye on how things are progressing. I advocate for your family, support you through the process, and am part of the team in creating the best care for your child. I remain committed to your family throughout.